We undertake design consultancy for following systems,

   1. Receiving stations upto 132 kV,
   2. H. T. Distribution & Substations,
   3. Electrical Power & Lighting, Convenience,
   4. Earthing & Lightning Protection,
   5. DG Set Systems,
   6. Security Systems viz. Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control,
   7. Communication Provisions,


  1. Data accumulation for electrical & allied systems in our scope through meetings with client and other consultants
  2. Load calculations and assessment of actual demand, possible maximum demands, rating of transformer, substation requirements, D.G. set requirements
  3. Liaison work with Statutory Agencies is not undertaken by us.
  4. Detail engineering of the power system like distribution cables, Panels & Distribution boards, cable sizing, power outlets, power wiring. Layouts for the power distribution system. Single line diagrams
  5. Lighting scheme design for internal and external lighting, lighting layouts with SLDs. Selection of fixtures and detailing of mounting
  6. Detail engineering & layout drawings for lightening protection & earthing systems
  7. Detailing and drawings for communication, fire detection and alarm systems, Security systems if any
  8. Preparation of Technical specification for equipment and works. Preparation of bill of quantities and estimates based on BOQ and Specs
  9. Floating Inquiries / Tenders consisting of;
    • General terms of contract
    • Technical specifications
    • Schedule of quantities
    • Drawings
  10. Technical and commercial comparison of quotes for above recommendation, negotiations, order drafts etc.
  11. Preparation of work schedule and programs based on available information and inputs from clients.


  1. Shop testing of panels, transformer etc.
  2. Regular site visits to sites monthly / fortnightly depending on the clients/work requirements, for quality survey of work and material progress review meetings
  3. Feedback to client about progress / delays, probable reasons, obstacles, Certification of bills
  4. Measurement & billing help to client engineer / representative. Certification of bills
  5. Testing commissioning checks and witnessing testing and commissioning